Alternative Friday Factorio Fan Facts

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A rainbow of splitters

Alt-F4 #27 - Designing the Unnecessary

Escrito por pocarski on 12-03-2021

This week, pocarski continues his descent into belt-related madness by taking a look at universal balancers. The result is as crazy as it is useless, so you know we’re in for a treat!

Engineer serving his friends on a platter

Alt-F4 #26 - Putting the Multi in Player

Escrito por oof2win2 on 05-03-2021

In this week’s 26th issue of Alt-F4 (half a year of issues!), oof2win2 goes into the Factorio multiplayer and explains some of the technical machinations behind it. If you’ve ever wondered what a desync is or how the game manages to handle hundreds of players and many thousands of entities at once, please feel free to dive right in!

An efficieny module atop a cloud of pollution

Alt-F4 #25 - Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency!

Escrito por TheKool on 26-02-2021

In this silver birthday issue of Alt-F4, TheKool returns for this third and final instalment of his series about modules. In it, he covers efficiency modules by talking about the theory and then presenting a real(ish)-world experiment!

A small section of a compact memory cell, made using belts

Alt-F4 #24 - Creating Memories

Escrito por pocarski on 19-02-2021

This week, we’re following up on pocarski’s piece from last week that was all about how to build a computer inside Factorio using only belts. This time, we’re trying to teach it how to remember things. Let’s see how that goes.

Belt chaos

Alt-F4 #23 - Beltravaganza

Escrito por Recon419A, pocarski on 12-02-2021

After a hiatus of two weeks due to a couple of FFF’s hot off the presses, we’re back this week with two articles all about belts. In the first one, Recon419A explores an interesting concept that has belts deliver items in a just-in-time fashion. Then, things get truly nerdy as pocarski takes a deep dive into building a turing machine only using belts. Computer Science degree recommended!

Lazy engineer distracted by blueprints

Alt-F4 #22 - Blueprint Rant

Escrito por Conor_ on 22-01-2021

For today’s 22nd issue of Alt-F4, Conor_ wanted to share his rather strong opinions on blueprints with us, and why they might prevent you from having the most fun while playing Factorio. We’re sure he’d be happy to hear your take on this, so please feel free to share it in the comments!

Modded Railtanker vs Vanilla Fluid Wagon

Alt-F4 #21 - The Ultimate Modding Honour

Escrito por stringweasel, Conor_ on 15-01-2021

This week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming with another episode of our favorite series: The Nauvis Archives! stringweasel cracks open the history books once again to look at some old mods, and how they eventually became part of the vanilla experience. At the end, we have a quick poll for you, dear reader; we’d appreciate it if you could take the two minutes to answer those questions.

A 'group picture' of our 'staff'

Alt-F4 #20 - Retrospective 2: Electric Boogaloo

Escrito por Conor_, Nanogamer7, Therenas on 08-01-2021

Rounding out the first five months of issues, Alt-F4 #20 brings the second part of our retrospective and look behind the scenes. Nanogamer7 takes us through how the translation process got started and what some of the problems are that came up. But before that, Conor_ presents us with a sort of mission statement, which puts our thoughts on the project into a succinct form.

The Alt-F4 Logo

Alt-F4 #19 - A Retrospective

Escrito por Therenas, Conor_, stringweasel on 01-01-2021

This week, in the new year, we wanted to take a look back at the project Therenas started four and a half months ago to fill the void that the absence of the FFF left in all our hearts. We asked the people involved in the process about their specialty, making them write down a bit of history of how this all evolved.

Una captura de pantalla de una entidad de Clusterio que mueve fluidos entre servidores

Alt-F4 #18 - El camino hacia Clusterio 2.0

Escrito por Hornwitser, DedlySpyder on 18-12-2020

A medida que el año llega a su fin, elegimos dos temas relacionados con las modificaciones para el número 18 de Alt-F4 de esta semana. Primero, Hornwitser nos da una idea del largo progreso de desarrollo de Clusterio 2.0 y los desafíos que plantea. Luego, DedlySpyder habla sobre su proceso de desarrollo de un mod simple y los desafíos de compatibilidad que enfrentan.

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