Alternative Friday Factorio Fan Facts

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Image of an assembler with two dice on top of it

Alt-F4 #33 - Vanilla: Shaken, not Stirred

Written by Villfuk02, redlabel on 2021-04-30

In this delightful issue #33 of Alt-F4, Villfuk02 presents their most recent mod creation: The Recipe Randomizer! A spotlight is put on all the design problems that needed to be overcome to make a recipe randomizer that is actually good. After that, redlabel announces the most recent COMFY event, which will likely be pretty explodey.

Image of the Wireshark logo swimming through Factorio's waters

Alt-F4 #32 - Operation Wireshark

Written by The-Kool, Hornwitser on 2021-04-23

Welcome to the shark-filled issue #2⁵ of Alt-F4. In these treacherous waters, The-Kool guides us towards putting speakers to good use, maybe even as a shark-warning-system, in the latest episode of Complexity Corner! Then, Hornwitser gets to some actual shark hunting using Wireshark, telling the story of how he tracked down network issues he encountered with the game. Grab a harpoon and jump in!

A happy combinator

Alt-F4 #31 - Combinator Crash Course

Written by pocarski, T-A-R on 2021-04-16

After a quick one-week break, Alt-F4 is back with issue #31. In it, pocarski returns to talk about yet more ways to build computer logic in Factorio, featuring combinators this time, which turn out to be simpler to use than you’d think! Afterwards, Big Community Games announce another exciting event of theirs, this time with Industrial Revolution as the central focus.

Collage of Compilatron as a reporter with Zisteau's avatar in the background

Alt-F4 #30 - The Nauvian Perspective: Zisteau

Written by stringweasel on 2021-04-02

Crossing into the realm of numbers that start with a three, issue #30 has stringweasel bringing a bit of a new format to Alt-F4: an interview, sort of. He talked to YouTube famous person Zisteau about his perspective on various topics relating to this game of ours.

Beacon being hit by lightning

Alt-F4 #29 - Beacons and Not Belts

Written by TheKool, oof2win2 on 2021-03-26

This week, for issue #29, we have a rare double feature again! First up, TheKool, who can’t stop talking about modules, rounds out his Complexity Corner saga by talking about beacons and what they are good for. Then, oof2win2 returns to put the spotlight on their mod No Belts, which offers a very interesting alternative perspective on playing the game.

Map view of a base in the ROFL-style

Alt-F4 #28 - ROFL

Written by Ph.X on 2021-03-19

This fine week in March, first-time contributor Ph.X talks about their very compartmentalized system for laying out a base using isolated modules and connecting them through a Logistic Train Network. Taking inspiration from software development and the lessons learned there, Ph.X uses the concepts of Modular Programming to their advantage.

A rainbow of splitters

Alt-F4 #27 - Designing the Unnecessary

Written by pocarski on 2021-03-12

This week, pocarski continues his descent into belt-related madness by taking a look at universal balancers. The result is as crazy as it is useless, so you know we’re in for a treat!

Engineer serving his friends on a platter

Alt-F4 #26 - Putting the Multi in Player

Written by oof2win2 on 2021-03-05

In this week’s 26th issue of Alt-F4 (half a year of issues!), oof2win2 goes into the Factorio multiplayer and explains some of the technical machinations behind it. If you’ve ever wondered what a desync is or how the game manages to handle hundreds of players and many thousands of entities at once, please feel free to dive right in!

An efficieny module atop a cloud of pollution

Alt-F4 #25 - Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency!

Written by TheKool on 2021-02-26

In this silver birthday issue of Alt-F4, TheKool returns for this third and final instalment of his series about modules. In it, he covers efficiency modules by talking about the theory and then presenting a real(ish)-world experiment!

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