Alternative Friday Factorio Fan Facts

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Alt-F4 #49 - Dyworld Release Party

Written by Dysoch, Senital2011, Maxi der Zocker on 2021-10-15

After an involuntary two-week break (please join our Discord to contribute your amazing article hint hint nod nod), Alt-F4 is back with issue #49! There’s two returns in one week actually, as Dysoch returns to talk about Dyworld once again, this time about the release party and all the fun leading up to it.

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Alt-F4 #48 - Angel's Automated Unit Tests

Written by Lovely_Santa on 2021-09-24

After a long while, an ancient contributor by the name of Lovely_Santa is back in his writing pen! We’ve last heard from our hero all the way back in Issue #2 where he was experimenting with the modding abilities of the new (at the time) Spidertron. This time, he actually stays on the topic of Angel’s mods, while writing about something completely different …

The engineer being distracted by a calculator

Alt-F4 #47 - Optimizing the Solution

Written by ilbJanissary on 2021-09-17

After a three-week hiatus, Alt-F4 is back, more motivated than ever! We start off with a bang as ilbJanissary goes into depth about how the calculation engine behind FactorioLab does its magic. It might seem complicated at the surface, but the process is broken down into granular parts that are illustrated with actual examples. No eyes will glaze over reading this piece (hopefully!).

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Alt-F4 #46 - One Year And Counting

Written by Conor_, pocarski, Therenas on 2021-08-20

Oh man. It really has been a year since I started this project. Can’t quite believe it’s already been a year, while also not quite believing the project carried on for a whole year. In the beginning, it was just a silly idea that I wanted to try out and see where it would go, not really expecting it to become an actual project with dozens of people regularly contributing. It would have likely faded after a few weeks without tons of people stepping up and contributing. But (at least in this reality) it didn’t, which I’m very happy about and grateful for.

Thumbnail of the Satisfactorio mod

Alt-F4 #45 - Satisfactorio

Written by Niet on 2021-08-06

For issue #45, Alt-F4 has another mod spotlight to share, with the twist that the issue will be released alongisde the mod itself! Niet has been plugging away at bringing some of Satisfactory’s mechanics to Factorio, and it’s way more involved than just bringing over the recipes and calling it a day. The article below goes into all the tricks that are used to try and emulate another game as closely as possible.

A screenshot of the Factorio world that is rotated by 20 degrees

Alt-F4 #44 - A New Perspective

Written by arrow in my gluteus maximus on 2021-07-30

You remember April Fool’s day this year? Was quite a while ago already, but if you visited the subreddit on that day, you probably saw arrow in my gluteus maximus’s mind-bending video. If not, this week’s issue #44 of Alt-F4 will catch you up and then go over how exactly this dark magic presentation was achieved!

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Alt-F4 #43 - The DyWorld Saga

Written by Dysoch on 2021-07-23

In issue #43 of Alt-F4, mod-maker extraordinaire Dysoch talks about his history of modding (which started all the way back in Factorio 0.7!), giving a bit of an overview of how his mods evolved over time. Then, he goes into his latest and greatest project that’s due for release very soon. It’s a big overhaul mod that’s focused on an overarching story with the goal to be more immersive than previous big mods. More on the details below!

Collage of belts from various Factorio-like games

Alt-F4 #42 - The Meaning of Automation

Written by Nanogamer7 on 2021-07-16

In this week’s issue #42 of Alt-F4, after previously investigating the games that influenced Factorio, we’ll now be looking at how Factorio influenced the automation genre as a whole, if that’s even a thing. Maybe it isn’t. After 7.5 million years of contemplation, Nanogamer7 has an answer, and it might surprise you.

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Alt-F4 #41 - Title loading, please stand by ...

Written by oof2win2 on 2021-07-09

This week, for issue #41, oof2win2 returns with a somewhat more technical article about what exactly can go wrong when trying to connect to multiplayer games and how to potentially solve these issues. If you’ve ever wondered why Factorio wouldn’t let you join your friends’ multiplayer game, this article might have some explanations for you!

A speeding train being overtaken by the Factorio engineer at warp speed

Alt-F4 #40 - Warp Speed for Charity

Written by stringweasel on 2021-07-02

After a semi-intentional two-week mid-summer break, Alt-F4 makes its glorious return with issue #40. In it, fan-favorite and editor extraordinaire stringweasel does another one of his interviews that gets us some perspective on a Nauvis-related topic. A Nauvian Perspective, if you will. This time, he talked to Franqly who’ll be representing Factorio for the first time at the Summer Games Done Quick charity event. More info on that at the end!