Alternative Friday Factorio Fan Facts

The old and new Factorio character models facing off

Alt-F4 #56 - Factorio's Early Days

Written by JD-Plays, AntiElitz, MojoD, others on 2021-12-31

For the last Alt-F4 of the year, on the very last day of the year, we wanted to take a look back at ye olden days of Factorio. Back when it was still a diamond in the rough, with definite potential, but concrete issues and annoyances as well. We hit up various people in the community and got their hot takes on early Factorio, reminiscing about the time they got into the game, and about how things changed for the better.

A biter driving a car

Alt-F4 #55 - The Dark Alleys of Modding

Written by stringweasel, MagmaMcFry, raiguard, Deadlock989, Anachrony, PFQNiet, Earendel on 2021-12-17

For issue #55 of Alt-F4, stringweasel prepared a very special treat for everyone, getting various modders to talk about the deepest, dankest hacks they’ve come up with to make their mods work. We’ve got MagmaMcFry, raiguard, Deadlock989, Anachrony, PFQNiet, and Earendel all confessing their sins!

The Story Missions mod thumbnail

Alt-F4 #54 - Story Missions: The Story

Written by GreenFlag on 2021-12-10

For the first issue in the last month of the year, first-time contributor GreenFlag presents their first big modding project that aims to add a proper RTS-style campaign to the game, in the spirit of the game’s tutorial levels. It’s pretty involved, and a lot of fun!

A Factory Planner screenshot with a camera icon

Alt-F4 #53 - Laziness through Automation

Written by Therenas on 2021-11-26

For the very prime real estate of issue #53 of Alt-F4, grandmaster Therenas himself returns to grace us with another article. Following up his previous masterpieces that mostly talk about his own mods, here’s more words about exactly those things. Those words explore the topic of automatically taking screenshots in Factorio. Although it’s really only about 20% technical details, with 40% philosophy and 50% bad jokes. You read that right, it goes to 110%!

A Fluidic Power accumulator that's under water

Alt-F4 #52 - Fluidic Power Benchmarking

Written by stringweasel on 2021-11-12

For issue #52, stringweasel returns with part two of the Fluidic Power Experiment where he dives into the rather surprising performance implications of his creation. If you liked last week’s article, you’ll like the second part this week. What a surprise!

The Fluidic Power mod's thumbnail

Alt-F4 #51 - The Fluidic Power Experiment

Written by stringweasel on 2021-11-05

For issue #51 of Alt-F4, long-time contributor and editor extraordinaire stringweasel delights us with a deep dive into the history of mods trying to make Factorio power network management more realistic. All of them have their own issues and trade-offs, which is why he then introduces his own take at this age-old problem, with great results!

A rocket being launched

Alt-F4 #50 - Rocket Silo Curiosities

Written by garr890354839, everLord on 2021-10-29

This week is the golden anniversary of Alt-F4, it being issue #50 and all. No special festivities though, feels like we are doing that often enough. Instead, garr890354839 makes their first contribution by talking about some of the weirdnesses and some of the math surrounding rocket silos. Then, everLord introduces another community event by the comfy squad called ‘Biter Battle Championship’!

The Dyworld logo

Alt-F4 #49 - Dyworld Release Party

Written by Dysoch, Senital2011, Maxi der Zocker on 2021-10-15

After an involuntary two-week break (please join our Discord to contribute your amazing article hint hint nod nod), Alt-F4 is back with issue #49! There’s two returns in one week actually, as Dysoch returns to talk about Dyworld once again, this time about the release party and all the fun leading up to it.

A biter being squashed by a fly swatter

Alt-F4 #48 - Angel's Automated Unit Tests

Written by Lovely_Santa on 2021-09-24

After a long while, an ancient contributor by the name of Lovely_Santa is back in his writing pen! We’ve last heard from our hero all the way back in Issue #2 where he was experimenting with the modding abilities of the new (at the time) Spidertron. This time, he actually stays on the topic of Angel’s mods, while writing about something completely different …

The engineer being distracted by a calculator

Alt-F4 #47 - Optimizing the Solution

Written by ilbJanissary on 2021-09-17

After a three-week hiatus, Alt-F4 is back, more motivated than ever! We start off with a bang as ilbJanissary goes into depth about how the calculation engine behind FactorioLab does its magic. It might seem complicated at the surface, but the process is broken down into granular parts that are illustrated with actual examples. No eyes will glaze over reading this piece (hopefully!).