Alternatieve Vrijdag Factorio Fan Feiten

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Screenshot of a mining outpost defended by artillery turrets

Alt-F4 #7 - Megabase Mentality

Geschreven door ChurchOrganist, LoneWolf, T-A-R on 02-10-2020

We’re back, providing you with your weekly dose of Factorio content! In today’s issue 7, ChurchOrganist brings us up to speed on what has been happening with Yuoki’s mods lately, LoneWolf gives us the rundown of why decentralised smelting is clearly the way to go, and T-A-R informs us about an MMO community event happening this weekend.

Dead biter nests that dropped alien artifacts

Alt-F4 #6 - Purple Goop

Geschreven door arrow in my gluteus maximus, stringweasel, psihius on 25-09-2020

Hello and welcome to the sixth issue of the community-driven weekly blog by the name Alt-F4! This week, you can read about the insanity that is arrow in my gluteus maximus’s raycasting engine constructed with vanilla Factorio, while stringweasel gives us a history lesson on how biters used to take part in the production of science, and psihius recommends a Factorio review that’s worth watching for newcomers and veterans alike.

Fusion rocket exploding

Alt-F4 #5 - Improving on Perfection

Geschreven door pocarski, Romner, Dr.MagPie on 18-09-2020

Welcome to the fifth issue of Alt-F4, and we’re still picking up steam! Many contributors, translators and techies are being busy bees helping to further the project, which is just great. If you want to join in the fun check out the Contributing section at the end of this issue. In actual news, this week pocarski makes the case for allowing landfill to be dug up again, Romner follows up their submission from last week by talking about obliterating biters with the power of fusion, and Dr.MagPie takes us to the Factorio Zone!

Fanart of a cute engineer riding the new spidertron

Alt-F4 #4 - Designing Blueprints

Geschreven door gamebuster800, Landmine752, Romner on 11-09-2020

Welcome to the fourth issue of Alt-F4, rounding out the very first month of posts! This week, gamebuster800 describes their process for designing blueprints, Landmine752 shares some of their favourite fan art, and Romner gives us some insight into their Realistic Fusion Power mod (in the first part of a two-part series).

A conveyor belt with two infinity loaders at both ends, with a popup showing information for the left one

Alt-F4 #3 - Tronparty

Geschreven door JD-Plays, T-A-R, Raiguard on 04-09-2020

Welcome to the third issue of Alt-F4. This weekend, there’ll be an attempt to try and break the record for the highest number of players on a single Factorio server; read on for details of how to join the fun. There’s also an action report about the Big Community Games launch party, which should totally haven been covered last week. Completely my (Therena’s) bad. Finally, Raiguard shares an exciting mod of his with all of us. Let’s get to it!

A Spidertron stands next to the crash site

Alt-F4 #2 - SPIDERTRON!!!

Geschreven door Lovely_Santa, Robynthedevil, Xorimuth on 28-08-2020

Welcome to the second issue of Alt-F4, the community-driven follow-on to the Factorio Friday Facts. And man, am I always pleasantly surprised by the community. Within hours of publishing the first issue, the Discord was filled with enthusiastic people that were willing to help at all stages of the process. One thing you might have noticed is that the page you’re reading this on got a small upgrade here and there. Thanks to everyone who has been so enthusiastic about the project!

Een uitgezoomd beeld van een kleine fabriek van Factorio

Alt-F4 #1 - We hebben uw hulp nodig!

Geschreven door Therenas on 21-08-2020

Welkom bij de allereerste editie van de ‘Alternative Factorio Friday Fan Facts’ (ook bekend als Alt-F4), de community-gedreven opvolger van de eerbiedwaardige Factorio Friday Facts. Het is bedoeld om de leegte te vullen die de stopzetting van de FFF in ons hart heeft achtergelaten. Om elke vrijdag het gapende gat in onze agenda’s te vullen, streven we ernaar om een ​​verscheidenheid aan inhoud te bieden, gemaakt door de gemeenschap. Onderwerpen als community-showcases, mod-spotlights en artikelen over Factorio-updates zullen veel voorkomende onderwerpen zijn, maar vrijwel alles wat geweldig is en Factorio-gerelateerd is, is welkom.

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