Альтернативные Пятничные Факты Factorio

Image of a speed module moving at hyperspeed. Very silly.

Alt-F4 #16 - Modulating Pure Speed

Написали TheKool, DedlySpyder, 04-12-2020

Another week, another issue of Alt-F4! The sixteenth week of this merry series of words to be precise. To celebrate, TheKool continues his Complexity Corner series by asking the five Ws about speed modules. Afterwards, DedlySpyder pontificates on how modding inspiration sometimes comes from unexpected places.

Screenshot of two belt networks interweaving

Alt-F4 #15 - Investigating 1.1

Написали Conor_, Therenas, 27-11-2020

This week, with 1.1 experimental just released, we take a look at two of the things it brings with it. First, Conor_ investigates what the new train stop limit allows him to do in his TSM-based factory. Then, Therenas explores what the multithreading update to belts means, both in theory and in practice. Careful, you might just learn something!

Rocket-powered ship

Alt-F4 #14 - Exploring the Infinite

Написали ironic toblerone, 20-11-2020

This week ironic toblerone takes us on a crazy adventure into space featuring the fantastic Space Exploration mod by Earendel. Suit up and strap in, this is a fun one!

Old screenshot of an assembler building the rocket defence item

Alt-F4 #13 - Megabase Archaeology

Написали stringweasel, 13-11-2020

In this spookily coincidental issue 13 of Alt-F4 published on Friday 13th (it’s almost like we planned this), we focus on a single topic: building as many rocket defences as possible. What are rocket defences, you ask? Well, stringweasel is here to tell you, taking you back to a simpler time; the land of Factorio 0.11.

Screenshot of spidertron nesting at the bottom of the webpage

Alt-F4 #12 - Reverse Engineering the Spider

Написали xthexder, TheKool, T-A-R, 06-11-2020

In this very easily divisible issue number 12 of Alt-F4, xthexder goes into some of the technical behind-the-scenes regarding the bouncy spider at the bottom of the page. Then, TheKool gives some newcomer-friendly insight into production modules and their uses. Finally, T-A-R shares some info on an upcoming community event that looks like a lot of fun.

Image of the house from the movie 'Up!' being lifted by a bunch of Factorio locomotives

Alt-F4 #11 - Scientific Curiosities

Написали pocarski, stringweasel, 30-10-2020

Welcome to the eleventh edition of Alt-F4, bringing you both mathematical analysis and a history lesson. So, listen up, student! Pocarski took it upon themself to see whether real-world mathematics works out on Nauvis. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t. Then, stringweasel returns once again to take a look at a bit of history, this time focusing on past mechanics that are now long obsolete.

Защитная стена с использованием естественных препятствий

Alt-F4 #10 - Защити вашей Империи

Написали Recon419A, trupen, stringweasel, 23-10-2020

Добро пожаловать в десятое издание Alt-F4, уже двузначное число! На этой неделе Recon419A возвращается, чтобы представить убедительный аргумент, на этот раз о том, как вы должны устанавливать границы своей империи. Затем Trupen занимается наукой и погружается в некоторые из редких раздражающих аспектов Factorio. И, наконец, в статью Stringweasel-а внесены некоторые исправления предыдущего выпуска Alt-F4 о происхождении Наувиса.

A screenshot of a translated word not fitting into its button

Alt-F4 #9 - Translation Process

Написали TheEnemy42, stringweasel, 16-10-2020

After our special love letter issue last week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming this week with issue nine! TheEnemy42 gives us some insight on how the crowdsourced process of translating Factorio into many different languages works, and stringweasel continues their Nauvis Archives series by digging into the origins of some of the language that has developed around the game. Enjoy!

Image of Compilatron being handed a love letter by an inserter

Alt-F4 #8 - A Love Letter to Factorio

Написали stringweasel, Zirr, Conor_, Therenas, Dexter of Rivia, Recon419A, trupen, ironic toblerone, TheKool, Frank_si_narra, Twisted_Code, Goose, 09-10-2020

For this issue of Alt-F4 we decided to do something special: ask the community why exactly they love this game so much. Everyone was invited to submit a short piece detailing their absolute favourite thing about Factorio, which many promptly did. Here’s to one of the greatest games of all time, and to the dedicated team that made it a reality these last eight years!

Screenshot of a mining outpost defended by artillery turrets

Alt-F4 #7 - Megabase Mentality

Написали ChurchOrganist, LoneWolf, T-A-R, 02-10-2020

We’re back, providing you with your weekly dose of Factorio content! In today’s issue 7, ChurchOrganist brings us up to speed on what has been happening with Yuoki’s mods lately, LoneWolf gives us the rundown of why decentralised smelting is clearly the way to go, and T-A-R informs us about an MMO community event happening this weekend.